A/C Coolant Flush

coolant_flushTaking care of a problem before it arises is sometimes the best decision. Even when no apparent problem has shown itself, it can be a good idea to flush your car or truck’s A/C in order to keep it in proper working order. Jupiter Auto and Tire can flush your vehicle’s A/C coolant.

As with anything, with age comes more risk of problems, and all the parts of your vehicle are no different. Time wears down the oil in your air conditioning system and causes contaminants and debris to accumulate. As the system begins to clog from these accumulations, the A/C unit will begin to work less and less efficiently. If it’s allowed to go on long enough, damage can occur throughout the system and could be expensive to repair or replace.

With regular maintenance through flushing your vehicle’s air conditioning coolant, you can help prevent the accumulation of this potentially damaging sludge. The old fluid will be removed and replaced with fresh brand new fluid. Jupiter Auto and Tire can put its 30+ years of experience to good use in keeping your car or truck’s A/C system working properly and keeping you cool.