Differential Fluid Service

differential_fluidThe gears in your drive train need to stay lubricated in order to keep your car or truck rolling along smoothly and safely. Jupiter Auto and Tire’s differential fluid service will keep your car’s gears turning by assuring its lubrication is fresh.

Time along with wear and tear can hurt a lot of things and the differential (gear box) of your vehicle is no different. The differential fluid in your car coats the gears and keeps them running efficiently. It lubricates the gears and helps keep them cool by reducing the amount of friction while the vehicle is running. As time and mileage add up, the fluid begins to break down. This break down in lubrication makes it harder and harder for the gears in your vehicle’s differential to turn. If allowed to go on for too long they could seize up and stop turning all together, putting a stop to your car’s wheels.

Jupiter Auto and Tire will flush the lubricating fluid from your vehicle’s differential and replace it with fresh gear oil. By keeping your car or truck’s differential fluid properly and regularly maintained, you can help ensure that your vehicle will keep on rolling.