Fuel Injection Cleaning

fuel_injectionYour car or truck is no good to you if it won’t go. The fuel injectors of your vehicle is an integral part of making sure it continues to move forward. Jupiter Auto and Tire can make sure your fuel injectors stay clean and efficient.

Your vehicle’s fuel injectors atomizes fuel into an easily combustible fine mist so that it can be used more efficiently in the combustion process. It allows for better performance from your engine and can help improve fuel efficiency. With a properly working fuel injectors can also help your engine perform more effectively when the temperature is very high or low.

Dirt, grime, and other particles can build up in the fuel system and potentially clog injectors. As this increases, it gets harder and harder for the fuel to be atomized and can greatly lower your engine’s efficiency. Sputtering, knocking, or stalling could be signs that your fuel injectors are clogged.

Jupiter Auto and Tire will investigate and thoroughly clean all the parts of your car or truck’s fuel injection system.