Motor Oil Changes

oilchangeEvery car or truck needs and will continue to need a periodic motor  oil change. Every 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) or 3 months (whichever comes first) is often recommended as a good gauge of when to have the motor oil in your car changed (or as is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer). No matter the make or model, Jupiter Auto and Tire can provide your vehicle with a high quality motor oil change.

Like all the other parts of your vehicle, the motor oil is affected by time and use. Metal shavings, dirt, grime, and other particulates can accumulate in your motor oil. As this happens it become harder and harder for the motor oil to do its job efficiently or at all. The longer this persists the greater chance that a more dangerous and more expensive problem could occur.

We can drain this sludge from your car and replace it with brand new motor oil. We will also replace the motor oil filter. We’ll choose the proper viscosity grade based on your make, model, and factory specifications. We’ll use our extensive 30+ years of experience to get you back out on the road by making sure the motor oil in your vehicle is changed quickly and efficiently.