Radiator Fluid Service and Flush

radiator_flushThe radiator in your car or truck helps keep it from overheating. All of the heat produced by your engine is absorbed by the radiator and transferred away in order to keep your vehicle cool. Jupiter Auto and Tire can make sure your car’s coolant is clean and at the proper working level.

Corrosion can occur in your radiator as well as other parts of your car or truck when the fluid quality and level isn’t properly maintained. Rust, minerals, and dirt can accumulate in the coolant, restricting its flow and clogging your system. As these problems persist they can eventually lead to your radiator working less and less efficiently at the job of keeping your engine from overheating.

Regular maintenance of your radiator fluid can help keep this from happening. We’ll check your fluid and ensure that it is at the proper level and add more if necessary. We can perform a flush to remove the contaminated coolant in your car or truck and replace it with fresh fluid.

Jupiter Auto and Tire has 30+ years of experiencing in maintaining vehicles to ensure that small problems don’t become bigger ones.