Transmission Services

transmissionYour transmission is important to proper functioning of your car or truck. A properly working transmission ensures that your vehicle is running efficiently. Jupiter Auto and Tire can provide the maintenance you need to keep your manual or automatic transmission running smoothly.

Keeping your transmission well maintained can help make sure that a larger problem won’t arise later on down the road. Dirt, debris, and particulates can clog the filter of your transmission making it harder to do its job. We can check, clean, or replace your filters. Time and use can degrade the transmission fluid in your system. We’ll ensure it’s fresh and clean or we’ll refill it if it’s not.

Jupiter Auto and Tire will use our 30+ years of experience to locate any problems in your transmission before they cause serious damage. And we’ll make sure your transmission continues running smoothly and efficiently. Your vehicle’s gears, seals, and gaskets will be inspected. We will meticulously scour your electrical, hydraulic, and/or mechanical to ensure they are well maintained.

Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, Jupiter Auto and Tire can take care of it with no piece unchecked to get your transmission running the right way.