tune_upIt’s generally a good idea to have your car or truck looked over in order to make sure all the hundreds of parts (both large and small) are working the way they should be in to give you the best possible performance. Every 30,000 miles is often a good rule of thumb to follow when deciding when to complete a vehicle tune-up. Jupiter Auto and Tire can look at your vehicle and ensure things are doing what they should be.

Time and use takes its toll on everything and, no matter its make or model, your vehicle is no different. Dirt and debris can get into all the small places in your engine and lower your car’s efficiency. Pieces can slowly begin to wear down the more and more they are used. Filters get clogged, fluids become contaminated, hoses can leak, spark plugs deteriorate and all the moving parts get worn. Regular tune-ups can help improve gas mileage, increase power, and make it overall more efficient.

Is your vehicle overdue for a tune-up? Jupiter Auto and Tire has over 30 years of experience in tuning-up cars, trucks, and SUVs of all makes and models.