Windshield Wipers and Fluid

windshieldwiperIt doesn’t matter what your car or truck’s make, model, year is, it’s a fact that your vehicle will need a pair of windshield wipers to keep you safe while you’re driving in inclement or stormy weather. Jupiter Auto and Tire can take care of the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any of the parts involved in your wiper system.

As simple as they may seem, your windshield wiper system is composed of small gears, circuits, and rods. Time, weather, and the accumulation of debris can cause damage to some of these components. Cracks or nicks in the rubber can cause scratches in your windshield. We can take a look at all the parts of your vehicle’s windshield wiper system and make sure it’s running smoothly.

The mechanical parts of the system tend to be durable. However, there are many types of washer fluid made from different types of ingredients and by several different manufacturers. We can tell you which is best for your make, model, and driving needs.

Regular maintenance to your windshield wiper system by Jupiter Auto and Tire can help keep you safe when the weather gets rough.