A/C Repair & Coolant Services

AC RepairKeeping your car or truck cool is essential, both inside and out. Jupiter Auto and Tire will assure that your air conditioning and coolant systems are in perfect working order.

Your coolant system helps regulate the temperature of your automobile. When that system stops working, overheating can occur and cause damage to many parts of the vehicle’s engine. We will fix your coolant system if a problem arises, but preventative measures are also very important. We’ll check the thermostat, the reserve tank, the hoses, and every other part of the coolant design to prevent mishaps from happening.

While it’s imperative to keep your engine cool, we understand that it’s also very important to keep cool yourself. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can turn even the shortest car ride into a broiling chore. A problem in any of the many elements of the system can reduce it efficiency. We will make sure all the switches, fuses, belts, and seals of your vehicle’s A/C are working properly.

You can trust Jupiter Auto and Tire will keep you and your vehicle cool.