Brake Services

brake_repairThere’s no question that a faulty break system on your car or truck is a serious matter. Jupiter Auto and Tire has the knowledge to inspect and repair any problems we find in your brakes.

There are many signs that your brakes are not working as well as they should be. Does your car have jerky motion when you apply the brakes? Is there a squealing sound when your vehicle is coming to a stop? Are your tires hotter than normal? Or do you see smoke or leaks coming from the brakes? Don’t wait until a larger problem arises; bring in your vehicle in and we can take a look.

Whether the problem is in the brake pads or the brake shoes, we can locate and repair the issue. We can find and fix issues with brake fluid, drums, and rotors on all kinds of brake systems. We’ll fix or replace any component of your vehicle’s braking system.

Regular brake maintenance is important for the continued safety of your car or truck. So stop in and let Jupiter Auto and Tire preform a full brake check, we promise to put over 30 years of experience into thoroughly inspecting your brakes and making sure you are protected.