Check Engine Light

Check_engineAs annoying as the check engine light may be, it’s a fact that it is glowing for a reason. Jupiter Tire and Auto can quickly and easily tell you why it’s lit and what you can do to have it repaired.

The check engine light on your car or truck could mean any number of things. It could be something as minor as a loose gas cap or something as serious as a cracked manifold. Many times the source of the problem may not be known unless a system diagnostic is run. Our experienced technicians can run that diagnostic.

There are countless reasons your check engine light might be on. Whether it’s loose hoses or a problem with the fuel injector, we’ll find out. No matter if it’s faulty sensors or a blown gasket head, we can tell you. Air temperature control problem? Problem with a valve or a pump? You can trust that we’ll find the source.

And not only can the technicians at Jupiter Auto and Tire diagnose and locate what’s gone wrong, we can also repair and/or replace the malfunctioning part. We offer an array of services to keep your vehicle running smoothly.