Electrical System Diagnostics

Electrical_repairA problem in the electrical system of your car or truck could be serious. With our experienced electrical system diagnostic tools, Jupiter Auto and Tire can tell you what’s wrong and then fix the source of the problem.

We can test your battery and provide cleaning, recharging, or replacement if necessary. Your cables and connectors will be checked and, if a problem exists, we will repair and/or replace the parts. As well as, look at your car or truck’s fuses and determine which ones need to be changed.

If the problem is greater than the battery, the cables, and/or the fuses, we can fix or replace that as well. We’ll make sure your alternator, which is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, is charging properly and assure the connections are adequate. Short circuits and abnormal voltages will be alleviated. In addition, our trained technicians will check your starter to determine whether it is working properly and then apply the necessary remedies.

It’s crucial that each of your vehicle’s electrical components is running without a glitch. Allow us to use our extensive array of electrical system diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem and fix it with speed and accuracy.