Engine Rebuilds or Replacements

Engibe_RebuildRebuilding the engine on your car or truck is no easy feat. Whether you have a factory built floor model or something a little more exotic, Jupiter Auto and Tire can get the job the done. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve developed an eye for detail.

Regular wear and tear can cause scoring, pitting, and cracking among the various parts of your engine. We’ll exchange the connecting rods and the crankshaft bearings. We’ll make sure the timing gear alignment is replaced. And we’ll make sure the oil system in your newly rebuilt engine is primed and ready to go. These are only a few of things we do during a rebuild.

However, a complete engine restore isn’t always necessary. Do you have a blown head gasket? We can replace that. Is there damage in your valve components? We can change that out too. Whether it’s your sparkplugs or a rocker arm, we can replace almost every part of your ailing engine.

When you drive your vehicle away, you can be confident that your car or truck will run smoothly and with better efficiency than before.