Exhaust Systems

exaust_repairThe exhaust system in your car or truck is important for more than just your vehicle; it’s important for you as well. A malfunctioning exhaust could potentially be dangerous to the driver. Let Jupiter Auto and Tire help make sure the exhaust system on your vehicle is in perfect working order.

Whether you want to upgrade your exhaust system or whether you want to fix an existing system, our experienced staff can do the job. We can repair every part of the exhaust system from the manifold to the tailpipe. Whether the problem is the catalytic converter or it’s the muffler, we’ll be able to get the part you need and install it quickly and accurately.

In addition to being dangerous to you and the environment, an error can be a nuisance to those around you. So bring in your vehicle and we’ll check the exhaust piping, the resonator, and we’ll make sure your sensors are working properly.

Whether it’s a major problem or simply maintenance, you can count on Jupiter Auto and Tire will keep your exhaust system running efficiently.