Filters, Gaskets, Belts, and Hoses

gaskets_hoses_beltsWith all its parts working together, your car or truck is like a living breathing organism. A problem in any part of your vehicle can cause trouble. Jupiter Auto and Tire has the experience to look for and spot the trouble areas.

The filters in your vehicle are there to help keep things clean. They collect dirt, grime, and other particles that shouldn’t be. We can check your filters to make sure they’re still functioning properly and if they aren’t, we can replace them.

Gaskets act as seals between surfaces in your automobile. They are important to keep leaks from escaping or to keep leaks from getting in. Our staff can tell you if you have a malfunctioning gasket and we can repair or replace it if necessary.

While broken belts in your car or truck are obviously no good, even squeaky belts could mean a problem is arising. We’ll go over the belts in your car and fix or change any of them that are showing signs of malfunctioning.

Hoses are important for the efficiency of your vehicle as they take fluids and air from one location or another. We’ll examine for leaks, cracks, and disconnections and repair the problem.