Tire Replacement and Repair, Alignment Services

alignmentThere is literally a lot riding on the strength and wellbeing of your car or truck’s tires. With every trip you make, your tires are receiving wear and tear. Jupiter Auto and Tire can inspect your tires in order to make sure they are safe and sturdy.

Regular tire maintenance is important. We’ll inspect the tread on your tires and we’ll look for any uneven wear, balding, or cracking. Rotating the tires to ensure uniform wear can be done by our experienced staff. We can check the pressure of your tires and refill any that are found to be low. Your tire alignment can be checked to make certain of proper configuration. We will look for places where the tires may be rubbing against other parts of the car and stop it from happening.

We can repair or replace any tires that are dangerously damaged. We have the tires to fit your car or truck no matter the size. The staff at Jupiter Auto and Tire has over 30 years of experience in servicing, repairing, and replacing tires for all vehicle makes and models.