Transmission Repair, Service, and Flush

transmission_repairProblems with a car or truck’s transmission can cause anxiety in even the most experienced driver. Let Jupiter Auto and Tire help ease that anxiety with our experienced transmission services.

Prevention is important and sometimes the simplest solution is best. The filter and fluids, while seemingly minor, are vital for the performance of your transmission. We can check your transmission filter for dirt and/or clogging and replace it if necessary. We’ll measure your fluids, look for muck and grime contaminating it, and test for leaks. If needed, we can flush your transmission and replenish the fluids.

Sometimes the transmission of even the most meticulous motorist will develop problems beyond the fluids and filters. We can replace or repair any part of your vehicle’s transmission. We’ll look at your seals and gaskets, the torque converter, and the modulator. The computer, electrical, hydraulic, and/or mechanical systems will be meticulously scoured to locate the source of the problem.

Whether it’s manual or automatic, Jupiter Auto and Tire can take care of any transmission. No piece will go unchecked to get your transmission running correctly to factory specifications.