Water Pump Repair and Replacement

water_pumpYour car or truck needs to stay cool and the water pump is an integral part of the process of keeping your vehicle running correctly. Jupiter Auto and Tire has the experience to find and fix any problem in your vehicle’s water pump.

When your vehicle is running it’s producing more and more heat. It is critical that the water pump is in perfect working shape in order to keep your vehicle from overheating. It distributes coolant to all the parts of your engine and helps keep them from overheating. Damage can arise in many aspects of your vehicle’s engine with an improperly working water pump. The combustion chamber, the hoses, and the radiator can suffer from overheating.

Overheating can cause even more serious and expensive problems if the source isn’t fixed as soon as possible. If you notice the temperature on your car or truck rising or if you notice leaks, let Jupiter Auto and Tire diagnose the problem and take care of it. We’ll repair leaks and other damage to the pump or we can replace any part that is too damaged.

Jupiter Auto and Tire has over 30 years of experience ensuring cars and trucks are running properly.